Spelaeology is a discipline whose objective is the search and the exploration of underground cavities, to study and to know several aspects of a world that today represents the last frontier of modern exploration. We communicate to all those people that are interested to undertake this fascinating activity that in the spring of 2003, the Speleology School of Spelaeological Dauno Group of Foggia will organize the XXIII Course of Speleology of 1° level. The stage'll supply a theorist-practical base to people that are approached for the first time this discipline, so that they can face with full cognition and emergency a normal spelaeologic activity. The arguments of the theoretical lessons will be dealt in clear and comprehensible way to all. The practical practices will be carried out under the guide of expert instructors, recognized from the National Commission Schools of Italian Spelaeologic Society. Each of the participants (if they'll demand it) will be given a frequency certificate. The participation to this stage is valid to the aims of the acquisition of the formative credit for the new examination of state.