Born beyond twenty-five years ago, Spelaeological Dauno Group operates in the spelaeology field understanding like social service, in order to introduce, to value and to safeguard the natural patrimony and in particular the karstic areas. GSD to attain its aims promotes the following activities:

* formation activities: spelaeology courses, acquaintance and valorization of the karstic and spelaeological patrimony through the periodic monitoring of caves and karstic areas, new karstic zones search and exploration, and systematic recognition in those already famous for eventual modernizations, survey of karstic areas and topographical, geologic, morphologic, biological and microclimatic data location, acquaintance of equipments and methods of progression, acquaintance of the most elementary aid techniques and of the elements of first aid for the completion of an individual preparation;
* cultural activities: organization of conferences finalized to the spreading and the acquaintance of the spelaeology, with particular reference about karstic areas preservation, collaboration with universities, museums, associations and agencies that propose these same purposes;
* publishing activities: spreading of own activity through articles, banns and audiovisual aids, production of didactic-scientific material